Takin' off from the Great White North?

Before you leave the country, it's always good to double-check and understand exactly what kind of medical coverage you have.  Global Medical Assistance and Out-of-country coverage are both part of the benefits plan, but are definitely NOT the same thing.

GWL Notice - Preparing for Vacation

When a medical emergency occurs while travelling, the first thing you want to have is your Global Medical Assistance contact information.  Wallet cards are mailed out when you first qualify for benefits, and are also usually available from the UA Local 516 Health & Welfare Office.  The contact information can also be found on the printable benefits card on Groupnet.  If something happens, call the applicable phone number.  

For more information about Global Medical Assistance and what it covers, review the plan booklet, or view the Global Medical Assistance brochure here.

For a GMA printable wallet card, click here.


Out-of-country medical coverage is included as part of the Canada Life benefits package, but you should check the plan maximum for your benefit class before travelling.  Retired members are STRONGLY recommended to purchase additional individual travel insurance.

Out-of-country coverage applies to sudden, unexpected injuries or an acute episode of disease and covers such necessities as treatment by physicians, prescription medication, etc. and values are subject to reasonable and customary limits.  For more detailed information, review the plan booklet.



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