Icebreaker Golf Tournament 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic had forced the cancellation of the 2020 Icebreaker Golf Tournament, so there was pent up demand and hope that we would be able to return to Northview Golf & Country Club for some sort of tournament in 2021.  June 12th was set, planned, and a full slate of golfers would take to the links in Surrey and once again enjoy the annual UA 516 tournament.  When the number of COVID cases began increasing and restrictions were put in place by Provincial Health, our hopes were dashed yet again.  There weren’t many options but to reschedule a tentative date of September 18th and hope for the best.  Most registrants were able to still make it, others left with no choice but to cancel. 

The week leading up was dark and dreary.  The night before was full of wind and rain that caused multiple power outages across the Lower Mainland.  The forecast called for rain all day.  It seemed that if the pandemic couldn’t hinder us this time, it would be the weather.   And then it happened.  Morning broke and the sun came out.  We didn’t know how long it would last, but we were going to enjoy it!  The rain held off for the morning, and the afternoon golfers still did their best to play through less-than-ideal conditions.

Thank you to everyone who came out to play, the sponsors that continue to make this event possible, Lori Jow, who continues to do an excellent job organizing the tournament from year to year, and of course, Northview Golf & Country Club who continue to be exceptional in every way and never cease to amaze us!

Hope to see you all in June 2022!

2021 Icebreaker Golf Tournament  
Tournament Champions
(Lowest Team Score)
Angus M. Memorial Trophy Winners
(Best All-516 Foursome)

Kevin Barbisan
Jesse Ting
Jeff Reiswig
Jordan Weiss

William Fraser
Ryan Gordon
Nick Third
Cole Cameron

Taylor Fladgate
Patrick Wieczorek
Richard Halliday

Audrey Curran
Jared Hepperle
Terry Bell


Will Crocker - Golf Foursome at Northview
Vic Faria - Apple Watch
Graham McGregor - Apple iPad
Jaidon Demers - Apple iPad
Alex Peters - TV



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