Online Safety
Training Portal

In collaboration with UA Local 516 contractors contributing to the Journeyman Apprentice Training Fund Trust (JATF) and RTI Refrigeration Training Institute, we are proud to offer you access to our Online Safety Certification Program.This training program provides you the ability to earn, maintain and renew the Safety Certificates set out within the UA Local 516 collective bargaining agreements. Courses and books are at no cost to you. Additionally, you are not required to prepay for the courses or seek reimbursement. 

How to get started:
1. Click this link to create your online profile or visit
2. Upload details about your current certifications and their expiry dates
3. Request courses that you need to complete using the Request Training Button or by email to
4. Complete the courses from your own device at your convenience
5. Send your completion certificate to your contractor by email

After you've created your online profile the first time, use this link to go straight to the login page:

Tip: Bookmark the Login page for quick access in the future!

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